Remember that time I posted about how I wasn’t sure about having another baby? How I wanted N to have a sibling, but I just didn’t know if I could handle two babies at once?

Here are some things I have learned since then:

1) Nature doesn’t care about my indecisiveness

2) Undecided people should pay more attention to how birth control works

3) This process is way different once you’ve crossed the line into 35.


*Bonus points for anyone who gets the obscure musical theater reference in the title. And by points, I mean you are a giant nerd. 


7 thoughts on “REAL BIG NEWS*

  1. Yay!!! I cannot handle the awesomeness.
    (tried to comment last week while I was in Florida, if you have multiple comments from me it’s because my phone was in rebellion…or because I’m just that into you)

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